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  • 1952

    In his travels, Russ would always look for a good hamburger place. “There was this one place...where they made a hamburger how I liked them. It had nice thick slices of onions in it, tomatoes and lettuce, the whole thing was pretty good.”

  • 1970

    Dale purchased an unnamed restaurant in Oakland, andsuggested to Russ, “Why don’t we build a little chaintogether?” They chose to call it Nation’s, now trademarked.Oakland was first to display the new signage as Nation’sGiant Hamburgers.

  • 1980

    For many years our workers made their own uniforms. It’s great to look back and see how the styles are so representative of the times.

  • 2015

    Grant Power became the new president of Nation’sFoodservice Inc., while Dale Power transitioned to chairman of the board

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